Posted by: Elizabeth | January 17, 2013

O Christmas Tree


Our sweet C decorating our Christmas Tree (note that the ornaments are largely grouped in one area at a certain 3-year-old height…).

Since Epiphany (January 6), I’ve been looking into all the windows in our neighborhood as I drive through every evening, trying to see who still has their Christmas tree up.  I feel like it’s okay to still have ours up as long as we’re not the last ones – and as of right now, we’re not!  There are still people with their Christmas trees lit in their front windows just down the street from us.

love the Christmas tree.  The kids love it.  I love the soft glow of light it adds to our living room (with its safe and energy-efficient LED bulbs).  I love that it adds interest in a room where we have put exactly zero art on the walls in the almost-three-years we have lived here.  I love the feelings the Christmas tree evokes, feelings of my favorite season.  We have plenty of room for this particular tree, and it’s made of plastic, so it won’t dry out and shed.  I’ve felt no hurry in taking it down.

Then this morning (January 17), as we were coming down the stairs to start our day, Caroline said bluntly, “Mommy, do you think tonight, after school, we ought to take down our Christmas tree?  Because Christmas is over.”

[sad face]



  1. So precious…. And that’s just the start of it! :)

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