Posted by: Elizabeth | December 24, 2012

Why It’s Important to Record the Rehearsal

Yes!  We’re still alive!  And still here!  We have a blog!  And I’m actually updating it! Last night, C had a “winter concert” at her preschool (well, it’s CJ’s preschool, too, but his class didn’t perform).  We heard about this concert for WEEKS beforehand, and we were on the receiving end of SEVERAL rehearsals of her two songs: Bringing Home a Baby Dinosaur and Feliz Navidad.  She practiced and practiced, and was SO EXCITED.  But I knew, from experience, that the concert itself might not go as she was planning.  As C will tell you herself, she’s “a little shy,” so all those strangers/parents watching her would likely make her clam up.  So here’s a kitchen table rehearsal:

And here’s the concert:

[Please ignore the too-small Christmas t-shirt from last year.]  It’s actually a huge improvement from last year, when she cried the whole time.  So we’re on our way to a career in show business! Actually, her brother kind of hammed it up in the audience, dancing and doing the motions to “The Wheels on the Bus” with the toddler class.  So next year’s concert should be quite entertaining.

Oh, and this is what else we have going on at our house:

It’s a little nuts, to say the least.  Tiny Guy has no fear.  None.  This morning, I turned my back for one second, then heard him calling out for me from the top of the stairs.  At least he had the wisdom to call for me to come get him… we have also decided that our son’s nickname should be Hurricane (reference here).  In part because he is strong, rough, and tough.  And in part because everywhere he goes, he leaves a wake of mess/chaos worthy of a hurricane…



  1. The first two videos were marked “private” when I tried to play them. Bummer! :/

    • Problem solved! Sorry – was having issues with youtube settings, but I think I’ve fixed it.

  2. Yes, boys and their lack of fear. Our nickname for Wesley is Cannonball, because he launches full force at anything and everything. Keeps you on your toes. ;)

  3. These are amazing! So glad you filmed the at-home version. What great tiny people you are raising!

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