Posted by: Elizabeth | September 14, 2012

Kids Are Funny

Kids are funny.  Maybe it’s primarily the age/stage, or maybe I think my kid’s funny because I’m related to her (something about the genetic connection?), but Caroline makes me laugh out loud pretty much every day.  Here are a few examples:

The Dryer (as seen on Steven’s facebook page):

(Caroline and Daddy are eating dinner, and the clothes dryer beeps to notify us the cycle is done.)
C: What’s that beeping, Daddy?
D: The dryer.
C: The dryer? Dryer. Dryer starts with ‘j.’
D: No, it sounds a little like ‘j,’ but dryer starts with ‘d.’
…C: Oh. Dryer starts with ‘d.’
D: Yes. Do you know what the dryer does?
C: Yes.
D: What does the dryer do?
C: It beeps.


Our route from home to school goes past an apartment complex that always has a big sandwich-board sign outside advertising leasing opportunities.  And most of the time, that big sign has helium balloons tied on it.

C: Looks at those balloons, Mommy.
M: Oh, those are nice, aren’t they?
C: Who do you think put those balloons there?
M: I don’t know, SweetPea.
C: [Thinking]   …Maybe Jesus.
M: Maybe Jesus.  More likely the person who works in the leasing office of those apartments, but maybe Jesus.

Princess in the Pants:

Though we have tried to steer her away from the princess phenomenon for as long as possible, Caroline’s a huge fan of the Disney princesses.  She hasn’t seen any of the movies, and she doens’t know which one’s which, but she is certainly drawn toward the characters.  She’s gotten two little princess figurines as rewards for good behavior lately, and she negotiated getting to take one of them to school this morning, though we agreed she would put it in her cubby and leave it there all day.

When I walked into the classroom this afternoon, this is the conversation that met me:

C: Mommy, Margaret* put my princess in her underwear.
M: Excuse me?
C: She took my princess and put it in her underwear.
M: Why did she put your princess in her underwear?
C: Because she wanted to steal it.
M: Why was your princess not in your cubby?
C: Because I took it out. [Obviously.]
M: Where is your princess now?
C: Mr. Joe is giving her a bath.
Mr. Joe: …in bleach.

Thanks, Mr. Joe.

*Name changed.  It is this blog’s policy not to publish names of accused minors.


The kids got a package in the mail today, addressed to both of them.  Since Carter’s not exceptionally coordinated yet, I handed it to Caroline and so she could open it.  Before she opened it, I asked her, “Who do you think sent you that package?”  Without hesitating, and very matter-of-factly, she answered, “Barack Obama.”










It wasn’t from Barack Obama.  It was from Mamaw.  Just in case you were wondering… :)



  1. “Barack Obama.” Oh my word, what precious children you have!

  2. This is freaking hilarious. If only Barack would send me a package!

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