Posted by: Elizabeth | August 22, 2012


As you may have gathered, I really love football.  So imagine my delight when I walked into Caroline’s preschool this morning and it was Football Day in their “sports and games” unit!  When I dropped her off, the children were all in a circle, brainstorming with their teacher everything they could think of about football.  I imagined they would try on a football uniform today, learn a few plays, make up their own touchdown dances… you know, spend the day celebrating football.

So this afternoon, I was excited to ask my little girl about her day.  She got into her carseat, we headed off toward home, and I asked excitedly, “What did you learn about football today, Sweetpea?!”


Try #2: “What do you do with a football, Love?”


Examples: “You know, you throw the ball, you catch the ball…”

Caroline: “You kick the ball…”

Success!  Maybe…

Caroline: “You share the ball…”

Me: “You share the ball?”

Caroline: “If you hit somebody with the ball you say you’re sorry…”

Me (silently): “Are we talking about the same sport?”

Caroline: “You don’t take the ball from your friends…”

Then it dawned on me that Caroline was referring not to the wonderful sport of football, but to the one physical football that they played with in their classroom today.  And indeed, those are the things she learned: share it, don’t take it from your friends, if you hit someone with it say you’re sorry, etc.

I guess we’ll have to work on the touchdown dance at home.


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