Posted by: Elizabeth | August 19, 2012


We did this for the first time tonight:

Two monkeys in the tub

I can’t believe how big they both are.  Or how much they love each other!  I couldn’t get Carter to look at the camera because he’s so enamored with his sister.  They adore one another.  I couldn’t have asked for a better big sister for my little guy, or for a little one who so adores his big sister.

And whaddaya know, doing bathtime/bedtime together is pretty quick and easy!

Things have been a bit nutty these last few months, if you can’t tell from the lack of posting.  But here’s a little catch-up from the most recent adventures:

Beating the August heat in our back yard

Tiny Guy looking way too big

Steven’s law firm picnic was at a local farm with an attached amusement park last weekend.  Caroline not only braved her (considerable) fears to ride some tiny rides, but she also got to sit in the front seat of a real (non-running) school bus, which might have been a dream come true.

Driving the School Bus

Driving the Cool Bus

The carousel swings

Pumpkin buckets with Dad

We’ve also been trying a new system with Caroline in which she can earn stickers on a chart for good behavior (putting her toys and clothes away, eating her dinner (trying everything on her plate), and not whining too much):

Good behavior

She gets to earn lots of prizes for her sticker chart, but when she completes a whole chart, she gets a special reward.  This was the first one:

Hard work pays off

Mid-cupcake (or shall I say, mid-icing…)

This cupcake was part of a Sunday afternoon outing that involved driving to Tacoma, parking in the Tacoma Dome parking garage, and taking the “train” (the Link lightrail) to the cupcake store, then walking over the Chihuly Bridge and taking a quick trip through the State History Museum.  It was a fun outing!  Here’s Caroline with some Chihuly art:

Amazing glass

Okay, maybe there’ll be more cute pictures soon.  We shall see!



  1. Oh. my. goodness. Carter looks huge, how is that possible? Even more striking is how BIG Caroline is! She is practically grown and asking for privacy and talking on the phone in her bedroom and collecting tshirts. They are precious.


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