Posted by: Elizabeth | May 31, 2012


Going to Starbucks almost every morning is not exactly a habit that I’m super-proud of.  I know that the money I spend there could be spent to do a thousand things more worthy than an espresso beverage, but I also know that this little stop makes my mornings infinitely more pleasant, which helps me be prepared to be in ministry the rest of the day.

And, I see people.

There’s a very quiet gentleman who comes in every day at about the same time I do (except on Sundays, when I’m a lot earlier) and orders drip coffee, then goes and sits in one of the big comfy chairs and plays on his iPad or reads a book on his kindle.  Until today, we’ve never said more than “Good morning” or “Have a great day” to each other.

This morning as I got out of my car, he was getting out of his car, too. He asked me how my baby was doing, and how old he is now.  I said the usual: “He’s great!  Thanks for asking!  Yep, he’s getting big…”  He said, “Oh, he’s big?”  Funny response, I thought.

Then he said, “I’ve got these diapers I was going to give you – my wife bought them for our dog, and I told her you can’t buy baby diapers for a dog because dogs have a tail, but she got them anyway, and of course they didn’t work, and I wondered if you could use them.  We only used one.”  Then he handed me an almost-full package of Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers in size 2 (the size Carter wears).

I admit the “buy baby diapers for a dog” thing is kinda funny, but I was also really touched that this guy, who doesn’t know my baby at all, and has never (until today) had an actual conversation with me, thought of me when he had diapers to give away.

Another barista told me the other day that he’s started going to church for the first time, and it’s made such a difference in his life.

Someone else talked to me about her boyfriend’s son, who’s 4 years old.

I thanked the gentleman this morning.  I’ll use those diapers.  And I’ll keep going to Starbucks and saying hello and chatting with the folks I see there.  Will they turn into church members?  Not likely.  Will they be my BFFs?  I doubt it.  But it feels good to make connections.



  1. love this – and I say that knowing you were at Starbucks! :0

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