Posted by: Elizabeth | May 15, 2012

Melt My Heart

My almost-3-year-old can be a little, well, moody.  Cranky, even.  Surprised?

So, inspired by this YouTube video, I thought it might be helpful to start helping Caroline remember things that make her happy when she’s feeling crabby.  This afternoon she was whining in the car on the way home, complaining that when I bought her a special treat after school, I didn’t also buy her a chocolate milk to go with it (I know, I’m a such a mean mom).  So I suggested we think of things that make us happy.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Sunny days make me happy.

C: Sunny days make me happy, too.  And my sunglasses.

Me: Oh, sunglasses- that’s a good one.  Caroline and Carter make me happy.

C: Me, too.  And Daddy.

Me: Yep, Daddy makes me happy, too.

C (thinking for a minute): Jesus makes me happy.

Me (tearing up a little): Jesus makes you happy?

C: Yes, and I make Jesus happy, too.

Me: That’s right, Sweetpea – you make Jesus happy, too.

C: We have special juice and special bread at our church, Mom.

Me: Yep.

C (on a roll, not waiting for me to participate in the conversation): And Jesus loves us.

Me: Yes, babe, Jesus loves us very much.  And we eat the special bread to remember that.

C (sighing contentedly): Yeah.


You never know what they are going to pick up, what they’re learning, observing, remembering.  But Caroline’s already picked up one of the most profound truths of her life, something that will color everything else for all her days: Jesus loves her, and she makes Jesus happy.


  1. Melts my heart too… It can be so hard for me to give grace and compassion to my kids when they are complaining/whining (especially lately when it seems to be constant!!). Great way to handle that and then look with the great reward you received! love it. Thanks for sharing that great conversation.

  2. wow. Sounds like we need C’s mommy to teach us.

  3. heh… a certain quirky professor by the name of dr. fred edie and an equally (but differently) quirky bryan hardesty would, indeed, be very pleased to hear your daughter’s sweet revelations. : ) i know i was. kids say such amazing things about Jesus sometimes…

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