Posted by: Elizabeth | March 5, 2012


This post was originally titled, “3 weeks,” because I started it when Carter was 3 weeks old.  That was 3.5 weeks ago.  And that is a good illustration of how things are going right now!  It’s tough to sit down at the computer to write a whole blog post – things are busy!  And time is flying by.  Man, is it FLYING.

Grumpy face

The little guy is doing great, though he is not so little.  After losing a pound in the week after birth (just like his sister), he started gaining weight like a champ.  At 5 weeks, he was just under 13 pounds, so he’s gaining a little more than 1/2 a pound a week.  His size small gDiapers are at the edge of their velcro, and the sleeves on his 3-month pajamas are starting to show some wrist.  I’m trying hard to put all of his 3-month clothes on him before they’re too small!  He’s also developing those fantastic baby fat folds, and his cheeks have not gotten any smaller (hooray!).  Most folks guess that he’s 4-5 months old, not only because he’s so big, but also because he’s super alert, always looking around (he has fantastic head control for a tiny guy) and looking straight at people as if he’s totally engaged in the conversation.

He’s a calm, content baby the majority of the time.  He rarely cries.  He does grunt and squeak a lot, but that’s pretty manageable.  And he is sleeping.  Not on a consistent schedule (which is actually a helpful exercise in flexibility for this schedule-oriented mom), but he sleeps better than we could have asked for or imagined at this point.  Since “sleeping through the night” is technically a 6-hour stretch, he’s done that 6 times now at 6 weeks old.  And last night he slept for 7 hours straight, from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Perhaps he knows that his mom needs to do some worship planning pretty soon, because she’ll be back in the pulpit in less than 2 weeks!

Carter is eating like a champ, too, and every day I am astounded, amazed, incredibly grateful, and more than a little skeptical that I am actually producing all he needs to survive.  Feeding Caroline was not so simple, and it took a long time to figure out a routine that worked for both of us – a routine that was labor-intensive and not all that fun, but one that worked.  To be able to nurse Carter like I had always imagined doing is an incredible gift, even when it means no one else can do the 3:00 a.m. feedings.  [As a side note, I read on the internet that if you eat a high-protein snack during middle-of-the-night feedings, you will feel better in the morning.  And it works!  Also, the snack wakes me up enough to do a little reading instead of just checking facebook on my iPhone while he eats, and I am finding great joy in reading again after a long hiatus!  So if you happen to be awake for about an hour in the middle of the night, eat some protein and read a book you enjoy.]

One of my favorites

Caroline is a great big sister.  She introduces him to people as “My baby Carter.”  She continues to want to know where her brudder is and what he is doing all the time, and she is constantly kissing and hugging (smothering?) him.  She likes to ‘help’ change his diaper and pick out his clothes in the mornings, and she’s recently learned to put his pacifier back in his mouth when he drops it (without jabbing or choking him – it was a learning process).  She tells us what he wants/needs quite often, and is sometimes even accurate.  She makes sure he has a blanket on when he could possibly be cold, and tells me when she thinks it’s time for him to eat.  She loves to lie in his little floor gym next to him, and it feels like she is using all of her energy to wait for him to be big enough to play. Watching her dote on him makes the chaos of two kids quite a bit more manageable.

Also, they look SO much alike.  We apparently make only one model of baby, and this is it.  Thankfully, we think it’s pretty cute.  See for yourself:

Family portrait - 8 days old

Proud big sister

Scrumptious cheeks, deep in thought (or sleep)

Carter's take on tummy time (just resting)

"Move over, sister! This is my gym now!"

First bath - just lounging

Self-portrait post-bath. All clean!

Sleep study #2

One month old! And very tough.

Somebody else wanted to get in the one-month photos... Looks how BIG she is! (Ignore my needing-a-pedicure toes in the corner, please...)

SweetPea with one of the MANY gifts our fantastic community has brought her to celebrate her newfound sisterhood. She is definitely not suffering in this new arrangement!

All bundled up after a walk on a cold day!

Sleep study #3. Hat over the eyes, head fallen over, soundly sleeping. (Note for those concerned: he DOES have the muscle strength to put that head back if he wants to...)

Sleep study #4: that bouncy seat can really wear a boy out.


  1. they are the perfect model. so so adorable!

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