Posted by: Elizabeth | January 13, 2012

Tom Petty

When I was in high school, somewhere around junior year, I went through a HUGE Tom Petty phase.  I listened to Tom Petty a LOT.  I especially remember cranking it up on the way to softball practice after school.  I have no idea who introduced me to Tom Petty or why I was especially fond of his music, as the lyrics are generally pretty stupid and the tunes are not that great, either, save a few hits.

But perhaps that phase of constant Tom Petty listening is why his voice keeps ringing in my head this week, with those wise lyrics: “The waaaiting is the hardest part.”

Yep, our due date has come and gone.  Again.  I personally know 9 people who have had babies in the last 2 weeks, 12 since the first of December.  From what I can tell, only 2 of those babies were late, and one of those only missed its due date by 24 hours, so that hardly counts.  But here we are, still hanging out, still pregnant, wasting maternity leave with no baby to hold… even though the midwife said “could be any day now” and “I think this baby will come early and fast” over a month ago (sending me into an anxious tizzy, since that was BEFORE all the Christmas-related church services).

It seems that the babies we Schindlers make are quite content to stay snuggled in their mommy’s womb for longer than 40 weeks.  Perhaps it’s because they’re smarter than the average bear, knowing that what awaits them is a traumatic entry into a loud, cold, blindingly-bright environment where they will have to share what has been undivided attention with so many others, learning to eat and breathe and sleep and move on their own.  Or maybe my womb is just especially comfortable.  Or perhaps I have some subconscious thing going on wherein I want to hold on to the little one as long as possible (surely not – I keep telling him every day to come on out…).  Whatever the case, we’ll keep waiting, hoping to kiss those squishy fat cheeks soon enough.



  1. Can’t wait to meet him. You two make adorable babies. :) prayers for patience–

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