Posted by: Elizabeth | November 2, 2011

Our Little Bumblebee

It’s amazing how quickly things change when you have a little one.  Here is Caroline’s first Halloween:

Cookie Monster at 5 months old

…and her second:

Little Giraffe at 17 months

and her third:

Bumblebee - almost 2.5

Toddler-sized wings

Sweetly offering to share from her very first (ever) bag of M&Ms

After about 30 tries, this was the best photo we could get of the two of us... she's quite a mobile bumblebee...

As soon as she put on her “bumblebee dress,” as she called it, Caroline asked me to put some music on so she could dance.  We had to convince her to leave our living room dance party to go get candy!  She seemed to get the concept of trick-or-treating quite better this year than last, but she’s still no expert.  Her natural shyness definitely got in the way of her desire to get people to put candy in her little pumpkin bag.  She would run toward the houses with all the other kids, but when she got close to the front door, she’d remember that a stranger might be inside, and retreat to Mom or Dad’s arms (so we didn’t trick-or-treat for long):

Safe with Daddy

Her favorite parts of the night were trick-or-treating at her babysitter Ashley’s house, visiting our neighbors Rick and Heidi, and trick-or-treating at our own house, where Grammy opened the door!

Coincidentally, last weekend, when Caroline went to the pumpkin patch with Grammy and Granddaddy, she got stung by a yellow jacket right on her collarbone.  It was a traumatic experience (perhaps for Grammy and Granddaddy more than Caroline), but she has recovered beautifully and still wanted to be a bumblebee for Halloween (whew!).  The funny thing was that whenever we asked her what a bumblebee says, she would buzz around in the air and then sting someone right on the collarbone.  Evidence below:

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