Posted by: Elizabeth | October 26, 2011


A couple Saturdays ago, my good friend Elizabeth was kind enough to get married in Charleston, SC.  She must have known we would be needing a vacation right about now (before our little boy makes his debut), and that the weather on the SC coast would be perfect in contrast to the quickly-getting-colder-and-wetter fall in the PNW.  She is so thoughtful and kind!

We decided that, since we were flying all the way across the country (seriously, I think we could get to Japan faster than we could get to Charleston), we’d get a condo near the beach on the Isle of Palms and make a week out of it.  It. was. great.  Charlestonians kept apologizing to us about the weather, but I’m still confused why.  It did rain DURING THE NIGHT the first two nights we were there, but we didn’t get one drop of rain on us during the day.  Daytime highs were around 80 degrees every single day, with sunny blue skies and a nice breeze.  Perfection.  Our little condo was great, and had great proximity to pool, beach, and the local playground, which was a big hit with our little girl once she decided it was okay to walk on the sand.

It was also great to get back to the south, to hear phrases like, “It was pouring down rain.”  Nobody says that here.  Also, when we went out to dinner, I ordered an iced tea, and the waiter asked, “Sweet or unsweet?”  I wanted to kiss him, but refrained.  And, of course, the wedding was beautiful and perfect and it was such a gift to see one of my favorite people so very happy.  Here are a few shots from our trip:

Where else would you sit (recline) while waiting on your airplane?

First day on the beach. She wasn't sure about the sand getting her feet dirty, and wanted nothing to do with the water. But she LOVED chasing the little birds. :)

On the beach with Daddy

The Aquarium! Don't we look fierce?

"Hello, Mr. Fish."

Steering the ship

I had to take the next one for old time’s sake.  First, check out this photo from a trip to Charleston in 2007:

Charleston trip, 2007

And now my little girl in 2011:

Following in Mommy's footsteps :)

Apparently Charleston really loves those frogs.

On the playground

Happy girl on the slide

At the pool. Can you even stand it?

Unfortunately, by the time we got to the actual wedding, the camera batteries were dying, which means we took a LOT of out-of-focus shots of our gorgeous friend (the bride) and our little girl.  Elizabeth was so sweet to dance with our little princess, and Caroline felt like a princess herself!  She did NOT want to leave the wedding.  Music, dancing, and cupcakes all in one place?  What more could a girl want?

With the Bride

So hopefully someone else got a good shot or two of our little girl!  We do have a video of them twirling, but it’s sideways and I haven’t figured out how to turn it right-side-up yet…

While we were in Charleston, we also got to see our good friends Stephanie and Matt, who recently relocated there from Seattle!  Stephanie was Caroline’s nanny for her first year, and we miss them so much.  They also got a new puppy while we were there, and were nice enough to let Caroline come over and “help” with the puppy one afternoon while Mommy and Daddy got a break.  There are cute photos on Stephanie’s blog here.

More to come!


  1. Her hair is so long! And so Blonde! And I want pictures of YOUUUUUU.

    That sounds like a dreamy vacay! I love her little belly at the pool. Love love love.

    Oh, and Elizabeth isn’t so bad herself :)

  2. I’m so glad it was a great vacation for y’all!! I thought the weather was absolutely phenomenal! I couldn’t believe we were playing on the beach in mid October. Great to see y’all and meet Caroline!!

  3. I’m in love with your daughter. Her cuteness is almost too much to handle! I’m with Amanda, I want pictures of you!!!!

  4. I will never forget how little Caroline, who had been so shy around me, kept reaching her little hand up to grab mine for another twirl. She never said a word, but the look on her face and her insistence that we keep dancing was just so priceless.

    Your daughter and I, we shared a moment on the dance floor. Presh!

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