Posted by: Elizabeth | August 31, 2011

Guard Dog

If you have ever met our dog, Benji, you know he’s not exactly fierce.  He has crooked teeth and bowed legs and he weighs maybe 14 pounds.  He’s also pretty slow and has very little stamina.  He can bark with the best of them, which makes him great in the “burglars don’t like the annoyance of barking dogs” category, but once you actually see him, intimidation is not an issue.

But one trait he does have, like everyone else that lives in this house, is stubbornness…er, tenacity.

Grandpa Schindler recently sent us some bleached deer skulls (that’s a story for another day).  We have taken them out of the box, but haven’t decided where to put them yet, and haven’t even unwrapped the skull parts so they’ll stay nice and pretty.  But Benji has taken to watching them 24/7, just in case they try to escape:

Guard Dog

The problem is, he guards them for so long that he falls asleep.

It must be tough to be a little old dog….



  1. Love that dog. Give him a squeeze for me!

  2. This literally made my lol, love the photo of him guarding them and the description that he guards so long he falls asleep. Funny! We have a slow lazy puppy too, I think he secretly is excited when we all leave the house and he can take a proper nap in peace. :o)

  3. This might be my most favorite post you’ve ever written. I mean, how classic!?!?!
    I had a similar experience with Elise, Jeremy’s dog. She sniffed and sniffed and chomped and stood ram-rod straight, even barked a little, at a pile of peacock feathers sitting on the coffee table (wedding related decor). She just couldn’t quite figure it out, and kept waiting for the pile to move or chirp or something. It provided hours (or at least 1/2 hours) of entertainment.

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