Posted by: Elizabeth | July 26, 2011

Something Else to Remind Her Of…

Since Caroline was not exactly a svelte, slender newborn, labor and delivery (and subsequent recovery) were a bit more challenging for me than I had anticipated.  I intend to remind her of this regularly throughout her life on birthdays and any other time that she’s being exceptionally trying.  I don’t have an “I trudged uphill with no shoes in the snow 4 miles to school…” story to help her understand that I’ve made significant sacrifices and she should feel grateful, so this is the best thing I can think of.

Now I have something else to add.

Perhaps the least wonderful part of modern prenatal care (and I think the majority of pregnant women would agree with me) is the dreaded “glucola drink.”  Most women get to taste this delicious (and here I’m being sarcastic) beverage around week 26 of pregnancy, with a blood test an hour later to test for the possibility of gestational diabetes.  The lucky few get to follow that with a 3-hour glucose tolerance test, in which the pregnant woman must fast, then get blood drawn, then drink TWICE as much of the nasty beverage before having blood drawn one, two, and three hours into the test.  Sounds like a carnival, eh?

I was one of the lucky few with Caroline, so I endured both the one-hour and the three-hour tests.  And I passed, which means no gestational diabetes.

BUT, Caroline was a huge baby.  Technically they call it “macrosomia,” which means “newborn with excessive birth weight.”  In less polite society, this is also known as “big baby syndrome.”   And BECAUSE Caroline had “big baby syndrome,” this means that with her little brother/sister’s pregnancy, my caregivers are being EXTRA careful and I get to have the glucola drink EARLY and EXTRA.  It’s basically like getting to go to the circus a second time.  I had the first installation of the one-hour test this morning at 16 weeks, and will have the second at the normal time of 26 weeks.  Then, God forbid, the three hour test again.

It’s just all fun and games over here.  All fun and games.

It’s Caroline’s fault.  And I will not let her forget it…. :)

Who, me??



  1. Oh my goodness. But is she cute???

    Sad for you about the glucola. I stupidly thought I could fast all day and then do it in the afternoon–because that fit with my schedule. Turns out… not eating all day and then drinking that is not pleasant. SO choose morning. Not that you didn’t know that. Also, I have something forrrrrrrrrrr you. (say that in elmo voice.)

  2. That little girl is an angel, and I’m quite convinced, she always will be. And she’s blessed with a wonderful mom and dad.

    With love–

  3. Ha! That sounds just like me after the 3-hour test. Thus the daily refrain I shared with Ellie the last four months of pregnancy: “You had better be worth it.” Good luck!!

  4. oh, the orange (or pink, i think) nasty drink… yes, i downed that sucker with my first, but when my midwife made it optional with my second baby, i said my many thanks to her and to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and lifted up a number of hallelujahs, too.

    i’m pretty sure the reason most women fail that test is because it is an utterly ridiculous way to figure out if your blood sugar is going to spike. um, just whose blood sugar wouldn’t spike after that mess? especially after not eating or drinking anything for a while… silly, doctors. i think they just do it so women will fail and have homework for the rest of their pregnancy. not nice, doc. preparing to squish a small human out of an even smaller “portal” is enough work for a season, thanks.

    in any event, i hope it goes well for you and that your pregnancy is a happy and healthy one all around! we learn a lot the first time through if we pay attention; i’ll bet this one is a breeze… : )

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