Posted by: Elizabeth | July 21, 2011

The ABC’s

I have lots of excuses for not blogging for over a month: you know, a full-time job running a church, a house, a 2-year-old… and now making a whole new person, too.  Yep, in case you hadn’t heard, we’re due with Caroline’s little brother or sister in January.  Fun times!

Caroline has been growing constantly.  She is delightful, fun, funny, bright, charming, and sometimes absolutely the most frustrating human on the planet. You know, she’s two.

One of the biggest developments over the last month is that she is becoming not just more verbal but more conversational, so she’s asking and answering more questions now, responding thoughtfully when people talk to her, and not just repeating everything we say (though she does repeat everything we say).  The funniest is when we explain something to her, and she says, “Oh, okay,” like the explanation made perfect sense and now there is no question.

She’s also been singing quite a lot lately: Elmo’s song is a big favorite (especially the “ya ya ya ya yah…” parts, which to the rest of it would be “la la la la la’s”), along with Twinkle Twinkle, the Wheels on the Bus, Mr. Sun, and of course, the ABC’s.  John Wesley would be proud, because Caroline certainly sings “lustily and with a good courage.”*  Sometimes in the car she tries to see how loud and how fast she can do the ABC’s, complete with head thrashing/dancing.  We have to try hard not to run off the road we laugh so hard.

Of course, our little diva is also a little camera-shy, so most of the time when we go to record these antics, she immediately stops doing whatever cute thing she was doing.  Last night we got lucky: here’s Caroline’s version of the ABC’s, complete with “sign language.”

And here are a couple more shots of our big girl from the last month:

At the park.

Our local park has a great “little kids” playground as well as a splash park.  And on a recent day when it was actually hot enough to want to go to the splash park, I thoughtfully packed up Caroline’s swimsuit and a swim diaper, an extra towel, etc., and surprised her with a trip to the splash park after school.  We’ve been to the playground many times, and she’s always wanted to run over into the water when it’s, oh, 60 degrees or so, so I assumed we’d be golden with our preparations.  Of course, she refused to even step in a puddle with her swimsuit on, and she hated the swim diaper.  She kept asking to get a regular diaper on and normal clothes, so I gave up and changed her, since she was only playing on the slide, anyway.  Of course, that meant that within about 10 minutes she had overcome her fear of the splash park and was absolutely soaking wet.  In her regular clothes.  Of course.

At the piano, playing and singing.

I tried to video this little concert, and Caroline started yelling that she was “busy.”  Right.  No video.

"Special snack."

On another mommy-daughter outing, we stopped for a “special snack” of mini-cupcakes.  Caroline asks for a “special snack” most every day.  She has figured out that special snacks are to be preferred over regular ones, but she hasn’t quite caught on that the very nature of a special snack is that you don’t have one every day.  Can’t blame a girl for trying, though…

*In the front of the United Methodist Hymnal are instructions for hymn-singing from the founder of our denomination, John Wesley.  There are several instructions, of which this is only one.  But it’s definitely Caroline’s favorite.


  1. That ABC video is ADORABLE! I love her sign language and how it changed a tiny bit every time she sang it, just precious. She is beautiful and looks to be full of personality and happiness!

  2. Your child is a genius! mine has started eating off of his high chair or a table like a dog. using no hands. Face first. At least he’s cute :)

    She’s precious!

    • We hold hands to say the blessing every night at dinner, and if Caroline decides she’d like to eat before it’s over (while we’re holding her hands), she is not averse to putting her face directly in her plate. It’s especially hard to stay focused on the prayer when she does it! She can also pick up her pacifier off the floor with no hands if she drops it. So Griffin is not alone. :)

  3. Love this!

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