Posted by: Elizabeth | June 14, 2011

Pics from the Birthday Party

I have this genetic disease which causes me to carry my camera around everywhere and not take any pictures, which is why I’m glad I hired our friend and very talented photographer, Cheryl Diegel, to take photos at Caroline’s birthday party.  Cheryl did a great job, and I am excited to share some of my favorites with you!  Looks like fun, eh? :)

Finished cupcakes: before the party.

Sweetpea's birthday card on the wall

On the big jumpy thing with Mamaw

On the balance beam with Mama. This is C's favorite thing at the gym.

Letting the big jumpy thing deflate beneath us

What's a birthday party if you don't show everyone your belly button?

Letting Mommy blow out the 2 candles

Perhaps the only 2-year-old I know who tries to eat a cupcake with a fork

Flying around with Daddy

Sweetest face I've ever seen on a cupcake

Family Portrait, Little Gym Style. Note the girl in the back standing on Uncle John's and Grandpa's shoulders. We'll have to photoshop that out later...

Family portrait. What a fun day!

If you haven’t had enough, or if you were actually at the party and would like to see some sweet photos of yourself and your own children, feel free to visit this website where you can view all of Cheryl’s shots and order gorgeous (and affordable!) prints.  The password is caroline2.  Thanks for looking!



  1. Freaking precious.

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