Posted by: Elizabeth | June 8, 2011

Why I Am Not Excited for Summer Vacation

School’s about to let out around here.  [I know, many of you have been enjoying summer for weeks, but in the PNW apparently school goes from September to June, not August to May.]  All the kids at church are super-excited, as are their teachers.  Parents may have mixed feelings, but everyone seems to be looking forward to the day that the kids get to sleep in and hang around in their pajamas.

But I am dreading it.  Why?  Because no school means no school busses.

Caroline LOVES busses.  She loves them.  Has she ever ridden on one?  I don’t think so.  But every morning as we pull out of the driveway on the way to school, she says, “I want see bus.”  And I say, “How many busses do you think we’ll see today?”  And she picks some number usually between 2 and 7.  (For the record, 2 is easy-breezy.  7 is a bit of a stretch.)  Then we simply keep our eyes on the road on the 2-mile trek to daycare, counting every bus we see of both school and city varieties.  Every time we see one, she gets super-excited.  I ask what color it is, and she shouts, “Lellloww!”  [Luckily, our city busses are half-yellow, too, so she’s right either way.]  If we leave at just the right time, we can easily see 5 or 6 busses.  If we’re too early or late, we have a disappointing 1 or 2, and she goes into school saying, “More more bus,” as if a request to keep driving until we see more busses is reasonable.

We live really close to two school districts.  One gets out a week from today.  The other has the whole week next week, but that’s it.  Either way, my little girl is going to be sorely disappointed as we drive to daycare all summer.  :(


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