Posted by: Elizabeth | June 2, 2011

Not for the Faint of Heart

Parenting isn’t for squeamish folk.  It’s messy business.  And, frankly, sometimes you have to sit with pain and frustration without any solution, and that sucks.

Enter this week in Caroline’s life…. Sunday she finished a round of antibiotic for an ear infection (discovered when we went in for her routine 2-year checkup).  Monday she was super-fun at our big Memorial Day cookout.  Tuesday morning she woke up with two little red spots on her belly, that looked like she had scratched herself in her sleep.  When she woke up from her nap at daycare Tuesday afternoon, her teacher called me and told me to come and get her.  She had hives all over her belly and starting up her neck.  They got progressively worse for 36 hours until her whole torso and neck were basically one big swollen mess, her joints were all swollen (including her tiny knuckles – so sad!) and achy, and she had hives from her face down to her feet.

Yikes.  Most kids who have penicillin allergies have a few hives in a localized area and get better in 1-2 days with Benadryl.  Not so with our little overachiever.  36 hours of consistent Benadryl doses did absolutely nothing to make her hives go away; so today we headed BACK to the doctor (which she hates) for some steroids.  I’m glad we went in, both to make sure it is a medicine allergy and isn’t something horribly worse, and to get her ears checked; that nasty penicillin did nothing, and now we’re on a new antibiotic for the ear infection that’s now worse instead of better.

It sucks all the way around: not being able to help my tiny girl when she is so miserable is the worst.  Close behind is having to watch episode after episode of Sesame Street (though I know it could be better – we did about 10 minutes of Dora yesterday and I wanted to poke my eye out) and hearing the whining and frustration.  Third place would be having to cancel my whole week and falling behind at work.

BUT, I think the steroids are already working a few hours after the first dose, and I am hopeful that our tiny girl will be on the mend soon.  Here’s a photo I took of her yesterday – this is when she had maybe 40% of the hives she eventually had on her belly.  Yikes.

Ouchy belly.



  1. poor baby! and poor mom! That’s awful. I hope those steroids kick into full gear SOON!!!

  2. So sorry your little one is going through that! One thing that helps me is to pray over their medicine when they are sick, to pray for it to be efficacious in relieving symptoms and restoring health. The work of prayer gives us something to do when we are so overwhelmed with their suffering. Hoping Caroline recovers quickly and walks in perfect health.

  3. Oh my goodness, poor baby! I know that must be stressful for you, too. Apparently I went through a similar fiasco as a baby when they found out I was allergic to Bactrim. My mom says it was one of the worst things ever, and I was a fresh little infant–utterly helpless, just like mom was as she watched it all go down. Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world, I am convinced. You seem to be doing an excellent job hanging in there, though. And this trial will be totally over soon enough; just a small moment in a much bigger timeline, right? Prayers and peace to you all!

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