Posted by: Elizabeth | May 12, 2011


The problem with not blogging for a month is that it’s impossible to catch up on everything.  Here are a few highlights; then we’ll try to get back in the groove:

1.  Several months ago, I visited a friend’s home and fell in love with her guest bathroom.  It was a beautiful shade a blue with sand-colored towels, and it just felt calm and welcoming and reminded me of the beach.  I decided then and there that I’d like to paint our master bathroom blue.

Now, this might seem silly, since we just had our whole house painted before we moved less than a year ago, but I’ve never loved the shade of gray/brown that ended up in the bathroom.  So after lots of drooling over paint samples, Caroline and Steven helped me pick one out, and I got to work.  The result: I LOVE it.  We still have some updates to make (new towel bars are on their way!), but I already think it’s a giant improvement.

I don’t have a “finished” photo, but do want to show you something I discovered along the way:

A veritable rainbow

So here’s the deal: the blue you see is obviously what we have now.  The gray/brown beneath it is what we had done before we moved in.  There was a peach-y color before that.  But taking off the wall plate shows that the bathroom used to be PEPTO-BISMOL® pink.  Holy cow, that is ugly.  I am still in shock.

2.  My SweetPea was due to be born two years ago today.  As you well know by now, she took her sweet time making her debut, having to be evicted on May 20 and finally showing her chubby self on May 21.  But it’s still a day that will be meaningful to me forever.  The day I sat in the rocking chair in our living room and PRAYED for contractions.  The day that was marked in my calendar as THE END for nine long months… and the day that passed without fanfare, and without baby.  Oh, well.

3.  My SweetPea will be TWO YEARS OLD next weekend.  I have not approved this milestone, and have not decided if I’m actually going to let it happen.

4.  Speaking of my SweetPea, here are some photos to brighten your day.

EASTER 2011:

Granddaddy helping SweetPea with her Easter shoes

Posing with her Easter Basket

Somehow when Grammy and Granddaddy take photos, SweetPea is willing to smile and ham it up for the camera. When I try to take photos, she just runs and grabs the camera... Oh, well.

Waiting for the church egg hunt with sweet cousin Reagan

Learning to blow bubbles with Aunt Emily and Cousin Hailey! Side note: she is now obsessed with blowing bubbles.

Fashion Week (sort of):

You already know that C is nothing if not fashionable.  Here are a couple of examples:

Easter afternoon bubble-blowing outfit

Self-decorated shirt

Latest Ad Campaign:

Advertisement: iPad is perfect for toddlers.

At the park:

"Mom, seriously, the camera again? Can't I slide without you documenting it?"

"Really: put the camera down!"

"Oh, how I love to slide..."

Car Picnic:

Caroline has started going to a parent/child gymnastics class at The Little Gym.  It’s pretty awesome.  But it’s right after school on Mondays, so the schedule is a little tough: do we try for early dinner at home?  Do I give her a hearty snack and eat dinner when she should be going to bed?  This week we compromised and had a picnic in the car.  It was fun!

Car Picnic

Wiped Out:

And here is how a busy little girl sleeps: totally wiped out.

Yes, I use flash photography while my child is sleeping. No, she doesn't wake up.

So that’s the update from our neck of the woods.  There is much fun to be had coming up!  C will have a sleepover with cousins this weekend, and TWO birthday parties next weekend!  Lots to celebrate!

P.S.  I know my child’s hair is somewhat out of control.  I have almost come to terms with the idea of cutting it.  If you know the perfect person to offer a first haircut to a very cautious toddler, please advise.

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