Posted by: Elizabeth | April 4, 2011

Nothing If Not Fashionable

The other day, I dressed Caroline in a cute striped shirt and jeans for school.  She gets to pick out her own socks and shoes each morning, so when she picked striped socks that totally clashed with her shirt, I didn’t worry at all about it.  Who cares about socks, anyway?  And her jeans were pretty long, so they were far from obvious.

Then I went to pick her up from school, and found this:

The Striped Princess

Turns out she had gotten her cute jeans messy at school, so they changed her into her “extra” pants, which happened to be these striped leggings.  Holy cow, that’s a lot of stripes.  And on top of this ensemble, she wore her multi-color heart raincoat.  And of course that would be the day not only that I needed to run to the grocery store after picking her up, but that I would realize I had forgotten my wallet when we got through the checkout line, which means we had to go to the grocery store not once but twice.  Nice.

Also notice the blue tape, which is destined to be the next hip fashion accessory.

And she’s eating an apple off the core, which seems an awfully “big girl” thing to do.


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