Posted by: Elizabeth | March 26, 2011

Mommy’s Little Helper

Our SweetPea can be the tantrum-prone, dramatic, stubborn, mess-creating, crazy-making toddler that she is, but she is also darned helpful for a tiny person.  Her teachers regularly comment that she’s the best (and sometimes only) kid in her class that puts things away and keeps things tidy in the classroom.  She eats with a napkin in her lap.  She doesn’t like having dirty hands.  She can, if asked, put her toys and books away.  And she LOVES to help empty the dishwasher.

[Disclaimer: In the video below, you MIGHT see my toddler handling a steak knife.  Please do not judge me as a parent that I was holding the video camera when my small child could have been cutting off her hand or poking out her eye.  No toddlers were harmed in the taping of this video.  And it’s a real cute video, if I do say so myself.]


So, she’s not exactly GENTLE with the dishes, but she is helpful nonetheless.  We just won’t be employing her to put away china or crystal any time soon.


  1. Jimmy and I had a good laugh watching this :)

  2. She is completely precious and such a helper. Conor loves putting stuff away too, I guess they think it is a game.

  3. Do you watch Parenthood?

    I thought of you yesterday as I was catching up on episodes and folding laundry. :)

    Julia Braverman reminds of you for some reason.
    She’s a attorney, she brings home the bacon. She’s articulate and honest.
    She’s a mom and a feminist, she cringed when her daughter Sydney wanted to be a pageant queen for Halloween.
    She is a bit of a perfectionist. :0

    How are you? Great to read about you and the family.

    We are doing great here in Alabama. Not only did we make a move across country – I made a BIG move to staying home and home schooling the children. It’s such a trip.

    • I do watch Parenthood! I really like that show. I think the perfectionist-part of me is def. like Julia… but I’m not exactly the bacon-bringer for my fam! So glad to hear you and the family are loving Alabama. How fun to stay home with the kiddos!

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