Posted by: Elizabeth | March 4, 2011

The Zoo

SweetPea loves animals, so we have recent purchased a family pass to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.  It’s wonderful to have passes, because this means we don’t feel guilty about making quick visits to the zoo for an hour or so – a timeframe that our little girl can actually handle without melting down.  A few weeks ago, we took advantage of a sunny Sunday afternoon and headed out to see the animals.  It was a fantastic trip!  Here are a few photos:

Mr. Elephant

SweetPea watching the animals with her dad.

See that pretzel in her hand?  That might lead you to believe that she was in the midst of a snack.  Not so, my friend.  She was eating pretzels before we got out of the car, didn’t finish, and held this particular pretzel the ENTIRE TIME were at the zoo.  For over an hour.  Without eating it.  Such a strange, stubborn (and cute!) little girl.

Mama Tiger with one of her cubs

These cubs have REALLY grown since the last time we saw them, just a few weeks after they were born.  You can tell they’re still cubs by their giant feet!  And by the way the sweet (intimidating) mama watched over them.

Porcupine. I'm glad there's a fence between us. Yikes.

One of the best parts of this particular zoo visit was that Caroline is just at the age where she can begin enjoying the kids’ play area.  While she was much smaller than most of the other kids there, she was pumped to slide on this big slide again and again.  It took us FOREVER to get to the top, then she slid down with her rubber-soled sneakers on the plastic of the slide, so she went v-e-r-y  s-lo-w-l-y, but she loved it. :)

Getting ready to slide AGAIN. Note the sweet little smile.

Love these two.

Perhaps my favorite part of this trip was that while we were sliding (just before the zoo closed), the wolves started taking turns howling.  We were in the perfect spot to watch them, and Caroline started imitating them straight away.  She ‘howled’ all the way to the car:



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