Posted by: Elizabeth | February 27, 2011

My cute baby girl

My sweet girl is starting to talk more and more.  Her pronunciation isn’t exactly perfect, but she’s at least TRYING more words, which is super-awesome when we figure out what she’s saying.  There are still a bunch of words that are really dependent on context: the words for “hold (me)”, sock, hat, and hot all sound pretty much the same.  This is partly because she doesn’t say the “s” sound at the front of words yet.

This also means that when she learned the word “snow” this week, it came out like her very FAVORITE word, “no.”

Tonight, we were standing at the sliding glass door looking outside and SweetPea suddenly noticed that all of our backyard snow was gone (thank you warmer temperatures!).  I confirmed that the snow was melted, which means it turned into water, and we can’t see it anymore.  She responded by saying, “Oh no, no (s)no(w)!”  She’s so darned cute.

Yesterday she also pulled her superman action figure out of her toy box and said, “Dada!”  Little girl knows the way to her daddy’s heart.  Of course, I think he’s pretty great, too… :)


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