Posted by: Elizabeth | February 24, 2011


I completed #27 on my 30 for 30 list a couple of weeks ago:

Get on a plane with no work to do, just a fun book to read.

I flew all the way from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale for the latest meeting of my cohort of the Lewis Fellows.  In case you hadn’t realized it, it’s a LONG way from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale, even when the trip is broken up by a quick stop at DFW.  So I had a lot of time to NOT do work.  But I did it!

I worked very hard before I left to get everything taken care of at church so I wasn’t emailing worship orders and writing sermons while I was away; and I wasn’t feeling guilty about not working on the plane.  Instead, I read a People Magazine cover to cover, then started Jennifer Weiner’s latest (Fly Away Home), which I completed during the trip.  It was actually a really fun day!

Of course, then a week or so later, I flew to Atlanta and didn’t do any work on the way there or on the return trip, but that didn’t count: I took work with me, just didn’t have time to get it done since I was entertaining an almost-2-year-old. :)

I may also count #5 as completed (preach without a manuscript), since I did my latest Question and Response session at BPUMC right after that Florida trip and barely referred to my outline at all.  It wasn’t exactly a sermon, but it also wasn’t a manuscript, so I think it counts.  But we’ll see if I can get up the gumption to do a whole sermon like that before I turn 31…

This mean’s I’ve completed 6 of the 30 tasks (and 2/3 of #28).  That’s 22% of the tasks in 70% of the year.  Hm.  Perhaps I should get a bit more serious about the list…



  1. This is awesome. Do we get a sneak peek at the list? The do-no-work-on-an-airplane challenge is so intriguing, it makes me incredibly curious to see what else is on your list.

    • There’s a link above (in the first line) to the list. I posted it in August 2010. :)

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