Posted by: Elizabeth | February 22, 2011

Quick Trip

A couple of weeks ago, Caroline got to experience the South for the first time.  It was a quick and unexpected trip, as we went to Georgia to be with some dear friends to celebrate the life of their dad/husband/son-in-law, who was a truly amazing man.

I wish I had taken more photos while we were there, but Atlanta had torrential rains and we were only there for 48 hours, so it wasn’t exactly a Kodak-friendly trip.  But we did get a few:

We had a free afternoon on Friday and one of my very best friends in the world, Susan Moore Pinson, took us to Hippo Hopp so SweetPea could play!  I was afraid she’d be too timid, but she LOVED it.  All of our photos are blurry because she wasn’t still for even a moment.  Every time she fell down, she just laughed and laughed and asked to do it again.

About to slide on an under-3 blow-up obstacle course bouncy house thingy

Sliding again

Not excited about leaving Hippo Hopp at the end of the afternoon (but took a GREAT nap on the way home)

I was nervous about flying with a toddler, but C was a champ.  She was an ANGEL on the way to Atlanta, and didn’t get too restless until the very end of the flight back.  It helped that she has discovered the miracle of Sesame Street on her mom’s iPod.  She watched the same episode multiple times, and even just listened to some kid music for a while.  I might need to invest in some kid-sized headphones, as mine fell out rather frequently, but she seemed to like them!

iPod advertisement



  1. Love the picture of her with the Ipod! so cute!

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