Posted by: Elizabeth | February 3, 2011


On a New Year’s Eve trip to IKEA for some new bookshelves for our home office, we noticed this tiny potty for only $4.99.  And we thought, “What the heck?!  It’s perfect for our shows-no-interest-in-potty-training toddler!”  C picked out the red one from the neat colorful stacks, and we brought it home.

It quickly became clear that our SweetPea has no clue that this is a potty.  Instead, she’s just pleased as punch to have a new right-sized chair in our house.  She’s been carrying it from room to room so she can sit comfortably wherever she is.  It was recently spotted here:

Potty at the piano

I guess you gotta do SOMETHING to keep you occupied while you’re on the potty – might as well play your piano. :)


And just for fun, here are a couple of shots I took of the sleepyhead in the car on the way to make this monumental purchase:

In the mirror

Close Up

Even when sacked out, our girl never loses her style.


  1. Makes a difference when you have older siblings for sure! The other day Jamie asked the dogs if they wanted to go outside to go potty and Ben went running to the bathroom to sit on the potty!

  2. How adorable! It’s good to have a potty around, anyway, to make it less intimidating when she does show interest. Love the sunglasses.

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