Posted by: Elizabeth | December 31, 2010

First it was the hat…

…and now it’s the sunglasses.

Caroline has been interested in glasses for some time now, but just recently she’s taken a special interest in Mrs. Potato Head’s glasses, trying to wear them herself.  Of course, her head being quite larger than Mrs. Potato Head’s Head (is that redundant?), those tiny plastic glasses don’t really stay on Caroline’s face.

So being the brilliant mom I am, I decided on Tuesday that perhaps instead of going after everyone else’s glasses, Caroline might like to wear her own appropriately-sized sunglasses.

She thought this was a great idea.

She hasn’t really taken them off since then.

We’ve been getting some strange looks, as she even wears them inside.

Or if it gets too dark for her to see with sunglasses on, she pushes them up on top of her head.


Caroline's sunglasses, Mrs. Potato Head's hat

They can be tricky...

Sunglasses at breakfast

The whole effect

This last photo was taken just at the beginning of an EPIC tantrum, which began because Caroline’s mean mother insisted she wear clothes (more than just socks and shoes, a diaper and sunglasses) to school.  The logic of warmth, fashion, and simple societal rules did not prevail and the tantrum continued for some time.  But eventually, the mean old mom was able to wrangle the toddler into a t-shirt and jeans for school.

If I could just have a moment inside that tiny toddler head, it would certainly be helpful… For now, we just keep the sunglasses close at hand.

Happy New Year everyone!  If 2011 is even HALF as good as 2010 has been for us, we have much to be thankful for.


  1. She is so totally adorable! I love the last picture the most.

    • The last picture is the one she’s going to get mad about when she’s older. Oh, well! Documenting the tantrum phase!!

  2. That last picture is amazing.

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