Posted by: Elizabeth | December 22, 2010

Duke in the Northwest

One of the best things about being a Duke fan is that they play on TV pretty regularly, so we rarely have to miss a game.  But there’s nothing like watching them in person, and the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we got to do just that!  Grammy and Granddaddy got us all tickets to watch the Duke men’s basketball team play the University of Oregon at the Rose Garden in Portland.  We rented a mini-van and all drove down and back in one day, having a lunch tailgate picnic in the parking garage.  We didn’t even realize until we got there that the whole thing was billed as “Singler Minded,” the battle between brothers Kyle (Duke) and E.J. (Oregon) Singler.

It wasn’t really much of a battle, as Duke played pretty well and controlled the game the whole time.  But it was SO FUN.  Caroline did great and was really into the game, clapping and cheering whenever someone scored (for either team) until she a.) figured out there was a HUGE space to run/walk out in the corridor; and then b.) fell asleep late in the second half.  We have quite a litte sports fan on our hands!

Let's Go Duke!!

SweetPea's first Duke game

The clever billing for the Oregon-native Singler brothers

The best of many attempts at a family self-portrait

Brothers jockeying for position at tip-off

SweetPea and her dad getting a little space at the top of the stadium



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