Posted by: Elizabeth | December 20, 2010

Clean and Warm

Caroline has a few clearly-identified priorities right now.  One is milk, one is snacks (especially snacks of the ‘bar’ variety: granola bars, cereal bars, rice krispy bars, etc.), one is shoes.  And she also seems to have loves for warmth (or perhaps fashion) and tidiness, as evidenced below:

Swiffering in a hat

Caroline’s Grammy got her this hat, and she screamed when we tried to put it on her the first time.  Then she actually put it on one day at school and has been obsessed with it ever since.  She rarely leaves the house without it, and sometimes she asks to put it on when we’re just hanging out inside.  And she’s still got a thing for the swiffer, so there ‘ya go.

All in a day's work

"Duh, mom... of COURSE I'm wearing my hat to swiffer the kitchen..."

Sweet face

SweetPea actually IS fairly tidy for a toddler.  She can certainly make messes faster than we can clean them up, but she also knows how to put her toys away, loves to have her own napkin at mealtimes to keep her hands clean, greatly enjoys putting garbage in the trash can, and can even ‘blow’ her own nose.  I’m not sure who gave her the tidy gene, but I am thankful. :)



  1. that is so funny about her hat because Wesley is actually doing the same thing with his winter hat. He threw such a fit the other night when our babysitter tried to take it off that he ended up going to bed with it and when he was fast asleep she snuck in there and removed it. His other obsession lately is dogs – he loves them and barks everytime he sees one.

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