Posted by: Elizabeth | November 10, 2010

Sweet Little Voice

Caroline still doesn’t have a huge vocabulary, but it is increasing almost daily.  And hearing her sweet voice is like injecting sunshine directly into your veins.  You can’t help but smile!  Here are a couple of examples:

1.  Being a toddler, one of C’s favorite words is, of course, “no.”  Sometimes this can be funny, like when she gets bossy with Benji.  Sometimes it can be super-irritating, like when she doesn’t want anything we’re offering for a meal.  Sometimes it’s incredibly charming, like when she’s just reading along in a story.  This is one of our favorite books right now: Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin (ground-breaking literature, I tell you).  I tried to get a closer-up video of the story-reading so you could see the pictures, but you’ll see here that C was not interested in the camera impeding on her story time, so I had to back the camera off as far as my arm would reach, and the focus isn’t great.  But the listening is the best part, anyway. :)

2.  Being a toddler obsessed with electronics (and recently cameras in particular), it’s tough to get good photos or videos of C lately.  She has figured out that she is on the little screen on the other side of the camera, and she wants desperately to see it (of course, if you turn it around, she’s not there anymore, so the game requires constant exchange of the camera…).  Sometimes this means the photos/videos we get are mostly of her pudgy little hand grabbing at the lens.  Other times there are sweet little clips like this:

Man, I love this kid.



  1. I showed baby Z these clips and she started waving at C when she was saying ‘Hi’! Z had the biggest smile on her face! So happy to see her friend!

  2. I love it! What a sweet little voice.

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