Posted by: Elizabeth | November 9, 2010

Next time I want to do this…

Decal in C's Room…please tell me I have lost my mind.

The light in the photo isn’t super, because it was LATE in the day by the time I finished, but this is a new ‘art’ addition to SweetPea’s room.  I saw it online, with the extra incentive that you could pick custom colors, and I thought about it and went back to the Etsy page that was selling it again and again.  So I bought it.  And it shipped from ISRAEL in a huge tube and sat on the floor in the corner of our guest room for months.

Today I decided to tackle the project, and it was even worse than I had feared.  What was I thinking?!  It would have been easier, cheaper, and probably less infuriating to just PAINT the silly design on the wall, but no, I had to have these crazy decals.  Each one of those stupid flowers is a decal that would only stick to whatever it wasn’t supposed to stick to.  This little project took about 3.5 hours.  Sheesh!

Final product

And the chair covers up half of it, but it won’t be there forever.  At least C seems to like it!  When her Dad got home this afternoon, she took him right up to her room and showed it to him. :)  It’s a good thing she likes it: she’s going to have to live with it until she goes to college.  At least.



  1. Uh-oh. Did you forget that you are itinerant? Just kidding. That is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I had been wondering if you had done it! Looks fabs!

  3. That is so cute! I never would have thought about doing this. I think Robin did something similar. And that is adorable how C showed it to Steven!

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