Posted by: Elizabeth | November 2, 2010


Last year, Caroline didn’t do much trick-or-treating.  If you need a reminder, she simply wore her Cookie Monster costume out to dinner.  So this year, I was excited to get her dressed and show her the ropes!

Well, let’s just say she didn’t entirely catch on.  She’s only 17 months old, you know… but she did think it was fun that people gave her shiny things to go in her little pumpkin sack.  So I think next year will be fabulous.

We just went to a few houses, all where people knew us so Caroline would see familiar faces.  I don’t know how much fun she had, but I had a blast.  I can’t wait until next year!

Cutest giraffe I've ever seen

From the back: the tail is irresistible.

First house: "What do I do, Mom?"

"This is so fun!!"

Knocking on another door

Apparently by the third house, a tiny girl can be quite tired. She just sat down on the doormat for a rest.

Absolute sweetness

What more could a tiny giraffe need than a Daddy and a Granddaddy?

Glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas

"Hmm... it seems like there must be something good in here... if only I knew how to open it..."

"Let's hand out more candy!"

In other news, I ran into the assistant director of Caroline’s school this afternoon, and she informed me that more than once now, when she has sat in on “circle time” in Caroline’s classroom, as soon as the teacher has started singing a song, Caroline has popped up on her feet and started dancing.  Apparently the other kids just sing along or clap their hands or whatever, but not C.  When a girl’s gotta dance, I guess, a girl’s gotta dance. :)



  1. Love the giraffe. Absolutely adorable.

    IS C watching a lot of Ellen? Perhaps it’s learned?

  2. The giraffe costume is adorable!!!!

  3. Oh she is adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness, she’s one of those furry-costumed kids!! I love the kids in furry little animal costumes, just want to squeeze ’em!

  5. Sweetest giraffe ever! I love the photo with Steven.

  6. […] her second: Little Giraffe at 17 […]

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