Posted by: Elizabeth | October 14, 2010

Family Photo

For a couple of months now, I’ve been getting notes sent home from school that say, “please bring family photo!”  Caroline’s class keeps photos of the families on the wall where the kids can see them and learn words for mom, dad, big, small, family, etc.  The problem is that the three of us are hardly ever in a photo TOGETHER, and I was hoping a.) to bring a photo that is semi-recent (i.e. not from her baptism) and b.) to bring a photo with all three of us in it and looking at the camera.  Voila!

When we were at the farm last week, they had a little photo-taking area set up with free digital photos of your family!  We just got them emailed, and while C is looking at the photographer like, “Uh, what are you doing, crazy lady?” I still think this is super-cute.  Prints will be ordered ASAP to put on the wall in C’s classroom. :)


Family Photo! Hooray!


And here’s another one the photographer took of just SweetPea.  I love how her crazy hair and her crazy facial expression go together!


Serious Face

I think this is basically how she’ll look when she’s a grouchy old lady.  Can’t you just see this face saying, “Hey, get off my lawn, you little heathens!!”  Ha ha ha.  She’s so fun. :)



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