Posted by: Elizabeth | October 6, 2010

On the Farm

Saturday morning we all took lengthy naps, which kept us away from the PEPS pumpkin patch visit we had planned, but we did wake up in time to run out to Tahoma Farms in Orting, where much of our CSA food comes from, for their little harvest fest.  We had a lovely time!  They had some pretty pumpkins and gourds to see, a lovely hay ride around the fields, some fantastic produce to purchase, a great little bluegrass duo, and lots for our little one to look at and take in.  The weather was perfect and we have a great little family outing!  Here are my favorite photos from the day:

Gorgeous produce #1

Who knew veggies could be this pretty?

Excellent bluegrass. I wish I had gotten a video of Sweetpea dancing. :)

SweetPea taking it all in.

My favorite face in the world.

Gorgeous organic pumpkins!

C loved this crate of gourds. She played here for quite a while.

Loving some gourds.

Serious face on the hayride, checking out the fields. She's thinking, "Is that rainbow chard, dad?"

Little pumpkin field!

C loved these little gourds.  She kept saying, “Nanana” (banana) and handing them to us.  Tough to explain that these aren’t bananas…

Nananas in action.

Nanana gourds.

Learning early about healthy eating. :)



  1. oh my goodness! Look at how big she is and how adorable! I love her shoes!!!

  2. What beautiful photos. Your Sweetpea is adorable!

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