Posted by: Elizabeth | September 25, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

A couple of weeks ago, we got a coupon in the mail for a restaurant we thought we had heard of but had never visited and really knew nothing about.  Most of the time we throw these unsolicited mailings in the trash, but for some reason, this one caught our eye and we saved it.  It was a “buy one entree, get a second entree free” coupon.  No fine print saying, “Only on Thursdays before 6:00” or “Must purchase your weight in beverages for coupon to apply” or “Second entree will be granted upon fourth visit to the restaurant as long as food minimums met at each prior visit.”  Just buy one entree, get one free.

This sounded like an excellent deal, whether the restaurant was casual or fancy; and since there was a big steak pictured on the postcard, we were thinking it was on the upper side of class.

We headed out, making a reservation via cell phone on the way to the restaurant (we always think ahead), and leaving our little one at home with her doting grammy (thanks, Grammy!).  Not only was I THRILLED to be going on a date with my husband, but I was also optimistic about marking #19 off of The List.

I would not be disappointed.  I have no clue why Stanley and Seafort’s sent out those coupons, but I couldn’t be happier that they did.  It was one of the best dinner experiences I have had in my entire life.  Wonderful view, great ambiance, excellent (but not stuffy) service, and absolutely DELICIOUS food, including something new from the sea that I had never eaten before.  Exhibit A:


[Please excuse the poor quality of the photo: I took it with my cell phone, and am (barely!) classy enough not to use the flash when taking photos of my dinner in a fancy restaurant.]

I ordered sea scallops, which I had eaten before but had never actually ordered off a menu (only tasted when others did so), so they did not count for The List.  But if you look on top of those sea scallops (which were like candy, I tell you), you’ll see a little ahi tuna (also have eaten before, usually in a sushi context) and a tiny portion of caviar, which is the new thing.  [I cannot tell you what is in that sauce around my scallops, but I know it was delicious.  The lump in the background is braised greens of some kind: also delicious.  This all came with a side of “silky potatoes.”  Wanna take a guess?  Yep, delicious.]

Who would have thunk I’d be eating caviar in Tacoma?!  But it was great.

Then I ordered the hot fudge waffle sundae for dessert, thinking by “waffle” they meant, “waffle cone,” but no, it came on a belgian waffle.  Hot.  With the tastiest chocolate sauce I have ever consumed.

We’re going back.  Soon.  For a picture of the sundae, if nothing else.

3 down, 27 to go.  It’s been a great 30th (31st) year so far. :)


  1. What a treat to read about a neighborhood restaurant. We are walking distance (us, not the kids) of S&S, but have never actually gone there.

    I guess we’ll have to buckle up and go next time grammy comes to give us a date.

    • Quick warning: it’s not cheap, so you can’t go every Friday night or anything, but if you’re looking for a splurge, it was totally worth it for us! Especially with the coupon.

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