Posted by: Elizabeth | September 23, 2010

16 Months

I can’t believe you’re sixteen months old, Baby Girl.  Time is flying by.

A snack cup and an open cabinet: what more could a girl want?

You’re big: 33 inches and 24 pounds.  You wear size 6 shoes, which is 2 sizes bigger than at your birthday.  When I hold you, your limbs dangle all over the place.  None of your hooded towels cover all of your newly bathed skin anymore – your little pillow feet stick out the bottom, getting cold.

You just started walking a little over a month ago, but you do it with wild abandon and great confidence.  You rarely fall down.  You are not afraid of hills, steps, or changing pavement.  You prefer not to hold hands, though you will if we make you (like in parking lots).

Few things make you happier than a snack cup with Annie’s bunny crackers inside.  Or dried blueberries.  Or any kind of cookie.

You love to pull things out of the mailbox.  You love to pull things out of anywhere, actually.  And put things in.  Drawers, cabinets, trash cans… oh, the things you throw away.  You are able to create messes far more quickly than we can clean them.

Your favorite room in our house is the pantry.

You love your dog.  He follows you around, knowing you have snacks and are generous enough to share.  You are not even one ounce afraid of his crooked little teeth.  You’re delighted to give him his treats.

You cheer for yourself, clapping your hands and smiling whenever you do even the smallest thing which might warrant a “good job” or “hooray!”

You love lids.  And tops.  And doors.  You amazingly do not pinch your fingers when you close drawers and doors – you just instinctively know to keep your hand flat and not wrap it around.

You went through a phase in which you only wanted to read a page or two of a book at a time, then you pulled out another book.  You seem to be over that, and now you are happy to sit and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear again and again and again.

You hate when your sleeves are too long- your hands MUST be fully available for whatever life might bring forth for you to touch.

You are somewhat obsessed with shoes.  If we would let you wear just a diaper and shoes every day, you would, though your skin would be even drier than it already is.

You love your dad.  He can make you laugh like nobody else can.  Watching the two of you roll around on the living room floor gives me more joy than you can imagine.

You’re starting to talk a wee bit more, though you mostly use sign language and grunt and point to communicate.  I’m not at all worried: I know you’ll talk when you’re ready, and my hunch is that we won’t be able to shut you up.  Plus, you already know that you can get whatever you want by doing the sign language for “more” and “please” together.  I’m a sucker for good manners.

You wake up smiling and talking in the mornings.

You cover your mouth when you cough (some of the time).

You still cry about half the time when I drop you off at school, but I watch you through the one-way mirror/window (where you can’t see me) and you always stop immediately when I leave.  I have a hunch you’re just crying to make me feel loved – but you don’t need to.  Just keep lighting up and running to me when I come back in the afternoons.



  1. This is a super sweet post. I love getting to watch her grow up. Love you all!

  2. So so sweet. What a memory book you are keeping.

  3. Such a touching tribute to sweet Caroline. This she will treasure when she becomes a young woman. Love, Aunt Carolyn

  4. Oh me, I am about to cry. She is just precious.
    Indeed, from the moment you hold your daughter to the moment you hold your grandaughter, you know that God Is Love and Each moment of Life a Gift!!

  5. Sooooo sweet darling girl. Cannot wait to see that precious face in just one week!

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