Posted by: Elizabeth | September 9, 2010

One way to clean up your toys…

C is obsessed with the Swiffer.  I know not why.  It’s not like she sees us use it all that often… but she loves it.  Before she really started walking, she would pull the Swiffer out and use it like a walking stick.  Now she just likes to play with it, which would be SUPER-handy if she didn’t always want to put it on the carpet…

Cleanin' up the toys

"Please don't bother me with the camera, Mom; I'm busy right now."

Sweetest face I've ever seen.



  1. my nephew LOVES all cleaning supplies and plays iwth them constantly. So much so Courtney got him a child sized kit with a broom etc.

  2. […] she asks to put it on when we’re just hanging out inside.  And she’s still got a thing for the swiffer, so there ‘ya go. All in a day's work "Duh, mom… of COURSE I'm wearing my […]

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