Posted by: Elizabeth | August 15, 2010

Weekend Away

We had the great privilege of a weekend off this weekend!  I am so blessed that the church at Browns Point is full of gifted leaders, and I have no anxiety about leaving for a Sunday now and then because I know that the worship service is in good hands!  We were delighted to take a couple of days of rest before the craziness of fall begins, and we spent them in sunny Yakima, in the middle of the state.  We had never been out there before, but had read about the sun, wineries, and beautiful (if very different from Seattle/Tacoma) scenery, so we thought we’d give it a shot!  It was a low-cost, delightful little vacation.  We got lots of sun, spent a little time at the pool, ate really well, and saw gorgeous scenery, including a long drive through Mt. Rainier National Park on the way back.

I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I’d anticipated, but here are a couple of cute ones that we took at one of the wineries:

SweetPea and her Daddy

Taking a little walk (even Benji got in on the action!)

Close-up of the walking action

Caroline’s walking has improved significantly over the last few weeks – she hasn’t quite transitioned to walking as a preferred mode of transportation over crawling (crawling is still faster, so it’s the default if all else is equal!) but she is getting faster and steadier on her feet and is starting to enjoy walking.  She keeps her little arms up in the air for balance, but when she gets going fast (for her), she stops and laughs and claps her hands.  What a cutie!

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