Posted by: Elizabeth | August 10, 2010

Random Cuteness

Baby C is just getting cuter by the day (if I do say so myself).  It’s tough to catch it on camera these days, because of the aforementioned obsession with the camera that leaves not enough distance to actually capture things… but when we do get shots, they’re usually pretty darn cute.  Here are a few random ones from the last couple of months (since I’ve been blogging on the “minimalist” side and haven’t posted much):

Hanging out in an IKEA bag

This is so fun! I don't know why I don't hang out in here more often!

With our friends Jenny and Pete before ordination. The kids weren't cooperating so much with our suggestions to "look at the camera," if you couldn't tell.

Family portrait before ordination.

Self-portrait at the Mariners game

C helping us clean out the refrigerator at our old apartment

C and her partner in crime, Benji, checking out the pantry at our new house

Sea salt, anyone?

Eating something messy and enjoying it

Getting serious about it

Queen of the mountain! (our little climber)

Climbing down so she can climb up again

"Anybody else want to come in here? It's really fun!"

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