Posted by: Elizabeth | August 9, 2010

Sick Day

On Friday afternoon, while we were hanging out in Seattle with Auntie Chelsea, Caroline started getting very fussy.  She had to go to a doctor’s appointment with me (just a check-up) and she started crying in the exam room and was really difficult to calm down.  I chalked it up to her being very tired, as she’d had a long and busy week, and she often struggles at the end of the week because she doesn’t nap as much at school as she would at home.

Then on Saturday, she started running fever.  Sunday, it didn’t improve, and she just kept sleeping and sleeping, not wanting to play much.  She also wasn’t sleeping well – she wanted to sleep but she’d wake up every little while fussing, and Steven actually had to sleep with her on Saturday night.

So this morning, I took her to the doctor, and I feel like the WORST MOM EVER.  Turns out she’s had a “sudden severe double ear infection,” and it has caused both of her eardrums to rupture.  So all this time she’s been kind of fussing and whining, it’s because she’s been in terrible pain!  Her hearing and equilibrium are also off.  And she is a pitiful little thing today.  We got her started on antibiotics and are praying that her eardrums will naturally “re-seal” themselves so she won’t have to have surgery down the road (which apparently only happens in about 2% of kids her age).  In the short run, I just hope she starts to feel a little better tomorrow, even if she’s not back to normal.  I don’t mind staying home with her too much, and I feel like I can get caught back up on work whenever she feels better – and I LOVE that she is so incredibly snuggly when she doesn’t feel well.  But it makes my heart break to see her feeling so bad, especially when we put the drops in her ears and she screams and screams…

Today, this is what she did for most of the day:

My sweet sick little angel

She wanted to be close, which meant not upstairs in her crib, and I did not mind one bit.  She would sleep for an hour or two, then wake up, drink some water, maybe eat a few bites of something, play for about 5 minutes, then put her little blankie down on the floor and lay her head down on it until I picked her up and put her back on the couch to sleep some more.  Sweet little love!

One thing that struck me about this pose, though, and why I had to take the photo, was the comparison with this one:

Tiny little pumpkin

That was just over a year ago.  She seems so BIG to me now!!  She was barely as long as a couch cushion then.  Wow, how time flies.

Well, say a few prayers for Baby C and her parents.  It’s tough on us emotionally to see her in pain and just generally feeling bad, and it’s obviously tough on her to have two busted eardrums.  We’re praying for a quick bounce-back.  She’s a tough little cookie, after all, and she has places to go and friends to play with!



  1. I’m so not happy that she’s sick, but that picture of her on the couch is absolutely ADORABLE. I love her and her tiny hiney.

  2. Jonah’s eardrum ruptured in May. It healed back fine.

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