Posted by: Elizabeth | August 2, 2010

Laundry Day

Something about this picture makes me so happy:

Diapers on the drying rack

Laundry Day

Part of it is because they’re so darn cute, especially when they’re clean!  But mostly I think it’s because I can imagine how much plastic is NOT in the landfill because of these diapers.  It’s a tiny thing we can do, but it’s something we can do.



  1. Oh so cute! And a motivator – I’ve hardly used cloth with Baxter, just so busy with 2 but maybe i’ll get back on the bandwagon especially with Darrell starting school and me getting back into a routine…hmmm…. i’ll try!

  2. I’m with Joni– have barely used cloth since I got pregnant with Benjamin but maybe now as we’re getting back to school routine and hopefully getting Jackson fully potty trained, I’ll get back in it. Cloth diapers make me happy. Yours (Caroline’s) are really cute colors!

  3. So cute! Which brand do you use, Elizabeth?

    • We use a combination. We’re pretty exclusive with gDiapers ( during the day (with disposable/compostable/flushable inserts! so easy even the daycare ladies love them!), but she needs more absorbency at night, so we use flip or bumgenius covers stuffed with hemp and bamboo inserts. It works for us and is WAY easier than I had anticipated. :)

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