Posted by: Elizabeth | August 1, 2010

Why We Don’t Have Cute Videos

Because our child is obsessed with the camera.  You would think this would aid in getting cute videos, but you would have failed to realize that the way the obsession plays out is that every time she sees the camera, she goes after it with a stubbornness that amazes me every time.

For instance, this evening Caroline and Benji were playing and it was ADORABLE.  I was throwing Benji’s stuffed frog across the room, like we do, and he was running and getting it and bring it back.  Caroline decided she wanted in on the action, so she would wrestle the frog away from Benji and throw it as far as her little arm could get it (which wasn’t all that far, but far enough) and Benji would go fetch it and bring it back.  ADORABLE.  So of course I ruined it by trying to record it to share with all of you.  Here’s what we got as the result:

Hm.  Not great.

Well, you’ll just have to believe me that it was cute.

Here’s a video I forgot we took of the last day we were at our apartment in Seattle.  In the last month we were there, Caroline not only became obsessed with keys, but also learned how to use the key fob to successfully navigate the apartment building’s security system.  You have to watch a few minutes into this one, and it’s not the BEST example (she was distracted by other folks in the elevator), but at least we got a record of it without her running away with the video camera:

I’ll keep trying.  Maybe if we could hide the camera somewhere and then record with a remote control…


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