Posted by: Elizabeth | July 30, 2010

Friday Five: Love the One You’re With

So much to say, so little time…

But I was struck by this question at RevGalBlogPals today, and wanted to respond: please name five things you like about where you are living now… and as your bonus – 1 thing you don’t like.

So, here goes:

1. The sunset.  It’s beautiful here.  If we look out our bedroom window, we can see a tiny hint of sunset over the Olympic Mountains and a piece of sunset over Puget Sound.  If we walk a little ways (not more than half a mile) we can see sunset on Mt. Rainier, over Tacoma (those cranes in the port can actually look quite romantic when the sun hits them just right), over Vashon, etc.  It’s breathtaking almost every night.

2. Space.  Having a yard is a bit intimidating but so wonderful.  It’s nice to just walk outside and feel the sun/wind/fog and not bump into anyone else or get run over.  It’s also nice to invite people over and not worry about how many can fit.  We could actually have a huge party right now, as long as no one wanted to sit down, since our living and dining rooms are empty!  Still waiting for the perfect furniture to pop up on Craigslist…

3. Neighbors you can see and talk to.  Even as I’m writing this post from our office, I can see neighbors out walking.  People are out all the time.  We lived MUCH closer to MANY more people in Seattle, but never saw any of them except in the elevator, where everyone tried hard to focus on the doors and not make eye contact with anyone else.

4. Proximity to work.  This is a bummer for Steven, because his commute is not brief.  But mine is.  I come home for lunch most days, and I have not yet stopped leaving 20 minutes before I need to get to the church, making me 15 minutes early most days.  I also love living in the neighborhood (or close by) that my parishioners live in.  It makes me feel so much more a part of their community.

5. Quiet.  Maybe it relates to space, but it’s amazing how much you can hear when the freeway isn’t whizzing by your door: animals, birds, tugboats way out in the sound.  It’s beautiful.

Bonus: what I don’t like, and it’s a big one: I have a nagging negative feeling much of the time that I am using way more than my fair share of resources: water, land, energy, oil.  It’s tougher to recycle here, and we use a lot more power and water to take care of our larger house and needy lawn.

All in all, we need to do better at saving resources, but I love it here.  A lot.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


  1. absolutely idyllic setting by the sounds of it Elizabeth ! photo lovely too …
    enjoy every minute (:

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