Posted by: Elizabeth | July 14, 2010

Out of Order

I keep thinking I’m going to catch up on the blog in the order that things actually happened, starting with Caroline’s birthday, which was right after our nanny share ended.  But it’s proving difficult to get that organized, both with my photos (especially since I’ve switched computers since then) and with my brain (did you read the list of what’s happened over the last six weeks?).  So now you’re going to get out-of-order posts as I remember and have time to post them.  Lucky you!!

First, a brief update: Caroline will be 14 months old next week and she STILL is not walking.  We practice every day, and she’s doing really well holding just one hand, but she hasn’t yet decided that she prefers being upright to crawling.  Have I mentioned that she’s stubborn?  Part of me doesn’t care at all, and is thankful that she’s staying ‘little’ as long as possible.  Then there’s this tiny piece of my brain that worries that she’s ‘delayed,’ whatever that means.  It’s a TINY piece, so no need to freak out yet, but it does enter my mind every now and then.  I think what’s true is simply that she’s stubborn.  She doesn’t do things until she’s decided to do them, and especially with this huge transition in her life, she’s decided to stick with what’s comfortable, which, for now, is crawling.  Such is life!

Anyway, school is going great.  This week she hasn’t cried at all when I’ve dropped her off, which makes a HUGE difference in my day.  I am so much happier knowing she’s happy!  She’s starting to eat a bit at school, too, which is a big improvement.  We have no idea why she doesn’t want to eat lunch at school, but she eats like a beast when she gets home in the afternoons because she is so famished.  Again, stubborn much?  They totally spoil her at school, too – when I left her this morning she was working on some french toast for her second breakfast today, and yesterday she got to try a few chocolate chips for the first time (in a whole-grain muffin).  Spoiled, I tell you!  She has no clue how good she has it.  Her teachers, Brenda and Eunice, are fantastic and caring, and her little friends are absolutely adorable.  There are four of them that they’re preparing this summer to transition to the toddler class in September, and they’re cute as can be.

Yesterday, Ms. Eunice reminded me that I hadn’t brought in the family photo that the school requested when Caroline started in June.  At the time, all of our family photos were in boxes (if we even have print-outs), and they’re working on a new “family wall” in the classroom, so Caroline needs her family pictured!  I still have to work on a print of all three of us, but this search led me to the photo shoot that our gorgeous friend Josie did for Caroline and me in June as Steven’s Father’s Day gift.  And so, I give you my favorites of those photos here.  It’s such a joy to see myself with my little girl, especially since I’m usually the one behind the camera!  These are less than a month after her first birthday, too, so they’ll count for our “one-year-old” set.  We love Josie!  If you’re in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, you’re in luck because she’s moving there this summer. If you’re not, well, try to make friends with her anyway, because she’s awesome.

And now the photos:

My favorite



Man, I love this kid…

And I’m thankful for all of you!  More to come. :)



  1. I LOVE these! I miss you both so much and want to see you guys ASAP. She is such a cute little munchkin and I pray that my babies are half as cute as her!! Love you.

  2. Love the pics. Don’t worry about the walking, I know a # of kids that didn’t do it until closer to 15-16 months old. Wesley still prefers to crawl also. Part of his prob is he wants to run and that is just not happening yet.
    hate to tell you the stubbornness won’t go away. Try and convince a 4-yr old not to wear pants when it is 100deg outside and his logic is that it will protect his legs from the bugs. Good logic so no arguing there.

  3. Elizabeth,
    I just now found out you have a blog (which you put on the new church’s website) and have had such a good time skimming over the last year or so. Your new house is beautiful! The Santa Claus dilemma? We never told our kids there was a S.C…..just told them we weren’t sure, or what did THEY think? So they never had a Christmas when they FOUND OUT, as they always suspected maybe not! (But we still had Santa pictures made.) And Caroline continues to be cute! :-)

  4. She is beautiful, and I am glad she is stubborn, they are more fun that way.

  5. I just have to add–my daughter didn’t walk until well into 14 months (and a friend’s was 16). She totally could have; she just didn’t do it. Then when she did start walking, she never fell. Ever.

  6. This little girl could make a great print ad baby! She is adorable and will walk on her own time.

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