Posted by: Elizabeth | July 3, 2010


It seems I missed June on the blog.  I’m so sorry to all of my readers (there must be at least, what, 3 of you?).  I promise to start blogging again, and even post sweet photos from the last six weeks, when things settle down just a bit.  But I know that won’t replace the posts you’ve missed, and there will never be an archive category for ‘June 2010.’  Oh, well.  Here’s a recap of the last six weeks:

  1. Caroline turned 1.
  2. We closed on our house.
  3. I got the shingles (thought it was a kidney stone, much drama, ER visit, etc…).
  4. We hosted both grandmothers as live-in nannies.
  5. I turned 30.
  6. We did a minor remodeling of our house (paint, tile, carpet).
  7. Caroline had roseola.
  8. I finished my job at First Church.
  9. We hosted some amazing friends from seminary/law school days.
  10. I got ordained.
  11. We moved to Tacoma.
  12. Caroline started ‘school‘ for the first time.
  13. I started my new job at Browns Point UMC.

Voila!  You are caught up!  More to come. :)


  1. Hey there!! I loved reading this!!! Congrats on everything, new job, new house, sweet little girl milestones!!!
    Hope all is well!!

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