Posted by: Elizabeth | May 22, 2010

End of an Era

Thursday was our last day in our nanny share with the best nanny in the whole world.  I am so incredibly thankful that we’ve had this angel in our lives to offer love and care to our tiny girl and to bring joy and peace into our family.  Nanny Stephanie has been a dream!  And alas, after nine incredible months, we’re all headed our separate ways.  The family with whom we’ve shared our special nanny has decided that their little girl’s mom will stay home with her, and Nanny Stephanie is headed to Montana this summer to work on her master’s degree before getting married in August!  And we, of course, are headed to Tacoma, where Caroline starts in daycare on June 28.  But we hope to stay close friends with everyone involved – what a gift these people have been!  Here’s a shot from the last day:

Love these three!!



  1. aww! Make me cry from 800 miles away why don’t you?! Yall are such a light in my life and I miss these little munchkins so much. I can’t wait to come back and see baby girl!!

    • We miss you, too!!! So so much! Please send your address – C has a card to send you… :)

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