Posted by: Elizabeth | May 19, 2010


Our sweet girl’s little personality (okay, big personality) is coming through more and more every day.  And this means more shenanigans.

For example: on Saturday around 4:00 p.m., I thought, “Gosh, since we have friends coming over tonight and you’ll probably stay up later than usual, and you have yet to take an afternoon nap today, it’d be a good idea for you to have a nap.”  So I put Caroline in her bed.  Then commenced a substantial period of yelling and carrying on (her, not me), and her new routine of throwing her pacifier and blankie OUT of the bed (where she cannot get them) so she can yell and cry and we will come and get them for her and give them back.

So we did the whole blankie/pacifier out/in the bed a few times, and then when I looked into the video monitor to see what she was doing a few minutes later, I saw something like this:

Shenanigan #1

Now perhaps you do not immediately recognize the shenanigan in this scenario, so let me walk you through it.  The white thing on the floor at the bottom of the photo is the slightly damp insert of the gDiaper that Caroline was wearing when I put her down for her nap.  I suppose she thought, “Hm, this throw-my-blankie-out-of-the-crib thing doesn’t seem to be working: what if I take off my diaper and throw the insert on the floor?!”  Here’s a close-up:

Bare bottom

Don’t let the innocent expression fool you.  It worked.  She didn’t have to take a nap.

[As a side note, I am a HUGE advocate of gDiapers.  No plastic in the landfill, no stinky pail of poop in my house – the best of both worlds!  I have coupons to distribute if you’re interested.]

Another character-trait that has emerged more profoundly recently is Caroline’s stubbornness, er…tenacity.  When Steven has already left for work in the mornings and I still have some getting-ready to do, I let Caroline play with my travel toiletry bag on the bathroom floor.  I unzip the zipper just far enough for her chubby little arm to fit inside, and she has a grand time pulling each item out one-by-one, looking at it, tasting it, and tossing it aside to see what else is in the bag (same stuff as the day before).  One day this week she found a tube of Burt’s Bees chapstick.  She carried it around for, oh, 2.5 hours.  I kid you not.  I tried to get a great picture, but she wouldn’t put it down or hold it out for fear that someone might take it away.  So this is the best I could do:

Chewing on the chapstick tube

Whatever you do, hold on to the chapstick...

And here are some more photos from the last week or two, just because I can’t get enough, and I assume you can’t either:

Why yes, this IS my favorite face in the world. How did you know?

Brother Benji, lest you forget about him...

Well hey to you, too!

If I stand on my tippie toes and smash my face against the arm of the chair, MAYBE I can get to the camera...

Absurdly cute sundress, courtesy of Cousin Reagan

Caroline has no idea that there was actually a gift for her in this box.

We have a big week coming up!  Tomorrow is our last day with Nanny Stephanie, and we will miss her so so much!  Then Friday is Caroline’s big birthday (and her one-year appointment with the pediatrician – sorry about the shots…), then Saturday we will celebrate Year One with all of our PEPS friends, and Sunday after church (Pentecost Sunday – Caroline’s one-year-anniversary since her first church appearance!) we have a little party to celebrate C at our apartment.  Then next week we close on our new house and get started with the little changes/renovations we want to make before we move in a month from now.  Much more to come!


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