Posted by: Elizabeth | April 28, 2010


…for not blogging, that is:

  1. Very few cute pictures.  The girl is on the move all the time.  Tough to get good snapshots.
  2. We’ve been busy.  Here’s some of what’s happened in the last month:
    1. I got a new appointment!  Starting July 1, I’ll be serving as the solo pastor at Browns Point UMC in Tacoma.  We are VERY excited about this.
    2. I interviewed with the Full Membership Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church.  [Wow, that is a mouth full!]  They reviewed the ~75 pages of written materials I submitted last month, asked me some questions, and recommended me for full membership.  This means that I now go before a vote of all the clergy in the conference in June, and if they vote ‘yes,’ I’ll be ordained a full elder on June 19!  Hallelujah!
    3. We bought a house near the new church in Tacoma.  Well, almost: we’re under contract.  Inspection is this Saturday, and closing is potentially May 26.  It’s all moving fast!  It’s a beautiful house, though, and I think we got a great deal on it!  The plan is tentatively to move the last week or so of June.

So that’s it.  That’s why I haven’t been blogging.

In other news, Caroline is cruising like a champ and trying to stand up on her own now – and she’s just learned how to put things in rather than just take them out.  We’ve gotta get her a basketball hoop pronto, because I think she could go pro. :)  Adorable videos coming soon!


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