Posted by: Elizabeth | April 28, 2010

Aforementioned Cute Video

Here is Caroline’s favorite new skill.  Not the best video ever, because once she realized there was a video camera to be had, she was totally distracted by trying to get the video camera.  But you can see that she is an expert at putting the ball in the little cone/elephant thingy.  And at the very end of the video, you get a glimpse of her attempt to stand up on her own, which only lasts a moment, but is still kind of a big deal.

She’s just come out of the bath in this video, so she’s in her jammies and her night-time (read: bulky cloth) diaper; also, her hair is always kinda curly right after the bath, which I LOVE.

Basically, I think she’s awesome.  But you probably already gathered that.

More to come!  A first birthday party is in the works!


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