Posted by: Elizabeth | April 7, 2010

I Ain’t Standing Up for Nothing

[The title above is a reference to a Caedmon’s Call song.  I understand maybe they covered it?  In any case, that’s where it comes from.]

SweetPea is growing like crazy.  I don’t have stats on how tall or heavy she is, but I can tell you she’s pretty darned tall and heavy.  She still loves shoelaces, socks, electrical cords, and hangers, and now she has an unquestionable love for everything in the dishwasher.  She’s helpful, that one.

She has long been able to stay standing if we stand her up, but yesterday she finally started pulling up on her own.  This began at the side of the dishwasher, in an effort to get better access to the silverware, naturally.  Once she realized she could do it, she hasn’t really stopped.  Here are some cutie-patootie photos.  The best ones are taken by our sweet nanny, Stephanie:

I was trying to get a photo of her brief obsession with the lint roller. This is the best picture of the bunch. Nice.

Sweet mischievous smile

Me? Knock down the baby gate to get to the dog food? Never...

Hangin' out by the couch

Nap time just got more interesting.

Hey! We're about the same height now that I'm standing up!

Best friends forever. :)



  1. Oh my gosh! The picture of the two of them looking at each other is the most adorable thing ever!

  2. Wesley started pulling up to standing last Friday (4/23). He also did a little really slow cruisin’. It is so fun and exciting to see them hit each of these milestones.

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