Posted by: Elizabeth | March 14, 2010

SweetPea on Vacation

Last week the Schindler crew headed south to look for some sunshine (minus Benji, who had a fantastic vacation in West Seattle with our friends Robyn and Grant – thanks, guys!).  We spent four days in the Phoenix area and had a really wonderful time, though the sunshine was short-lived.  Oh, well.  We still got a day by the pool, a Mariners spring training game, a little hike in the desert/mountains near our hotel, and some great relaxing family time.

Caroline was pretty much perfect.  She was happy, flexible, and well-behaved.  She quickly took to eating in restaurant high-chairs and won the hearts of pretty much everyone, everywhere we went.  We decided not to buy her a seat on the plane and hope to take advantage of Alaska Airlines’ policy that if there’s an open seat and you have your baby’s carseat with you, the baby gets the seat for free… but of course our flights were full both ways.  Still, no complaints: Caroline did awesome, napping at least an hour each way and playing pretty quietly the rest of the time.

Of course, she got sick about two hours after we got home and has been whiney, snotty, and coughing ever since, but such is life. :)

Here are some shots from our trip:

Trying to get a shot of her cute dress, but she's currently obsessed with shoes, especially those with laces. See above.

Getting excited about her first swim!

Quick snuggle with Mom before her swim.

Maybe my new favorite photo.

Showing off the tiny teeth (still just two).

C's choice of poolside beverage

Rainy day = Children's Museum. Practicing standing up!

Keeping an eye on things at the Children's Museum

More Children's Museum action

Our tiny girl at Mariners Spring Training (away game at the White Sox stadium).


We took a couple of videos at the pool, too.  They’re a wee bit long (unedited), but full of pudgy cuteness.  Enjoy!


  1. oh precious, she is the cutest thing ever!!!! her smile is incredible. i agree about your new favorite picture, it is awesome! glad y’all had a great vacation.

  2. Where are her little baby water wings?!

  3. She is so cute…

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